Ryuichi Sakamoto - A Rain Song

First of all, what instrument is that??? I’m a big fan of it. This song is so good in that it makes your brain feel like it's being tickled. Sakamoto is always good for every occasion, everything from his contemporary-classical pieces to his experimental works. I cannot lie that I’m biased and definitely have a soft spot for his earlier works, obviously I’m still a fan of his newer stuff (which reminds me, I need to write an artist section on him just in general). Anyways, amazing song.
Best time to listen: When your brain needs a hard reset.

Royji Ikeda, Dataplex

Listening to this album a lot recently, I think "Data.Reflex” is my favorite as of now. There’s a lot of love I have for this album; I’ve recently made a noise/electronic playlist for mindless listening—with him in mind—must say it has been feeding my brain quite nicely. I first discovered Ikeda back in July of 2019, I forgot what I was searching for, but I listened to his album, Supercodex. I didn’t really have any opinion on it at the time apart from the fact that I thought it wasn’t the kind of music I would listen to casually. Anyways, this is usually how it goes...I’ll discover an artist, but my interest in them is always delayed. That being said, really love minimalistic electronic music rn and this is exactly that.
Best time to listen: When I'm sleep deprived, coding this godforsaken project until 4am <3