(09/11/2020 23:41) Mmmmmm, these days I'm not a big fan of school. This love-hate comes in waves, and right now I can say I reeaallllly hate school atm. I love learning, but I hate learning in a school setting. I had this talk with a family friend about our education system, he said something along the lines of “school doesn’t actually teach you things, they just teach you how to be good at taking tests”. I think the quality of education is awful here. They don’t promote in-depth learning, instead giving us the bare minimum. That is to say that it takes the individual themselves to push past that extremely low bar and actually want to learn for themselves. That goes to say, I’ve been aimlessly drifting right now (in school), but I think for once I actually have an idea of which career path I want to pursue. I’m still doing research on the field, but from what I’m seeing, it definitely seems like something I’d enjoy~ I just enrolled in some courses a few minutes ago which is why I’m writing this. I hope it challenges me and better hones my skills… just not to the extent where I want to kms :3 !!!

(30/10/2020 01:37) My best friend is having a sleep study done on her tonight...I'm so envious, I can only wish of having wires attached to my head. She sent a pic of her current state and it reminded me of Tetsuo: The Iron Man. Hmm, what happened today? I had to take my car into the shop for an oil change and failed to consider the amount of time I would be waiting there. With COVID-19, there wasn't really any options for me. The result: I had to eat a sandwich out on a curb for 1 1/2 hours. To all the boys that passed me by, please let me know how well I was at playing mysterious! I did manage to have a video chat with my friend from overseas, it had been a while since we last talked, so that was really nice. Cannot say the time I spent out in the sun was all that bad.

Anyways, idk for some reason (I know the reason) I grew really annoyed in the past hour. Kind of lost motivation to work on this tonight, but it's probably for the best since I'll have better rest. I still want to get working on the music diary next and then another section (maybe!!) which will be brain mush. I have yet to use javascript and though I'm not opposed to it, I want to keep this pretty simple... still thinking up ideas for how I want to format the music diary, and also the film log and photo journal as well. I think if this turns out very nice, ideally I'd move this onto another domain, but idk idk.

(29/10/2020 03:35) My email was pawned, I don’t know if it was the person from Slovakia or the one from Germany, but I hope they are doing okay. They made a 3 hour long playlist titled “Weep” and it was filled with a lot of sad jazz. Unfortunately, their time using my account had to be cut short once I realized what was happening. I changed all of my passwords and had to turn on two-factor authentication :( I hope your doing well man!

I just spent nearly 4 hours trying to rework this; it's looking much better. I'm pretty happy to get the diary going. Still need to make a section for film/music/art and then figure out how I'm gonna do a photo diary. I'm trying to sketch out how I want this to look, it's kind of difficult to do in my head. Which also, I don't think I'll keep the photos I'm using now...have to search the internet for something cute or make something, not too sure yet :3